Elysium: The Elder War

Journal Entry 9, Nox

Journal Entry #9

I have not felt this king of rage since my mortal days.  The GALL of these trespassers entering MY domain and disrupt MY people.  People that I protect.  People that I have helped prosper.  In the old days, I would have had them beaten, dragged through the streets and then crucified as an example to discourage other rabble rousers.  Apparently, my time in Petronius’ company has helped quell that part of me.

Of greatest concern was the fact that the monk was able to somehow overcome my ability to cloud his mind to my presence.  I have heard rumors of mortals that were true believers that were resistant to our abilities.  Maybe there is some truth to it.  Regardless of how strong his faith was, the gods judged him unworthy and he was slain by rival Christian sect.

I feel bad for Petronius, he tried his best to stop the violence and to save the prostitutes, that the monk had recruited into his cult, from the pyres.  Petronius’ skills as a mediator did prevent the situation from escalating.


The wild card in all of this was the presence of the Lasombra Narses.  He violated our domain on multiple occasions, even after my command that he leave and never trespass again.  I would find him and kill him myself, but how does one kill a shadow?

In the days that followed, my friends and I continued our discussions about the looming threat of the Stryx.  We’ve decided that it might be best if we make our way east to Constantinople.  There is still so much left undone in Rome though.  I think it is time to reward Cassius for his years of service and loyalty.  I have been grooming him to take on more responsibilities, so this is looking like the opportune time to put that plan into action.  I’ll have to seek permission, but I believe he will make a good addition to our society.


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