Elysium: The Elder War

Journal Entry 10 (362 AD), Nox

Journal Entry #10 (362 AD)

No wound is worse than an old wound torn open again.  Its been 20 years since Narses trespassed in my domain, but it has been constantly at the back of my mind.  It was extremely difficult and humbling to have everything a person could dream of having one day, and to have it all taken from me in the blink of an eye.  My domain is all I have from those days.  Once a hidden retreat full of the finest treasures, now it is a humble domus with simple furnishings in a well-maintained neighborhood.  More than that, it is a home.  A place where my friends and I can be at ease.  It may not be much, but it is all I have left, and I will protect it and the people that live there with every ounce of my being.

Finding Eupraxus in my domain was irritating enough.  Finding out that he had led hunter…HUNTERS…to my domain is intolerable!  I swallowed my anger and, with the help of my friends, tried to move him out of the area as quickly and quietly as possible.  Eupraxus wanted us to escort him to the Necropolis, but there was no way we would lead him to one of the entrances in our territory.  Instead, we led him towards the Flavian Amphitheatre where we knew of a less dangerous access in an insulae from one of our past adventures.

We hadn’t even reached the end of the block when we were set upon by a group of Eupraxus’ cult members.  The disapproval from Petronius as they fawned over the Toreador was impossible to miss.  Before we could deal with the cultists, another group approached from the other direction.  They were the hunters that Eupraxus was fleeing from.  I managed to conceal my presence quick enough to get out of the way.

The hunters turned out to be kindred, a number of whom were skilled in the Gangrel art of Protean.  Even worse, they turned out to be religious kindred in service to our old nemesis, Narses.  Petronius tried to stop them from attacking, but they resisted, and we, as a coterie, were of one mind and leapt into action to protect our domain and those that were in it.

Adrasteia and I managed to take out the kindred at the rear of the pack, quickly and quietly.  Gowan and his guards moved to protect him.  I was shocked to discover that one of them was a Lupine!  Fortunately, Gowan seems to have complete control of the beast.  Petronius and Marcus fought bravely in the heart of the battle between the two forces.

We were outnumbered so badly, I thought for sure that we were going to die that moment.  The enemy, however, underestimated our anger and our commitment to protect our territory.  The enemy kindred were dropped quicker than anyone anticipated.  Their forces on the surrounding roofs thought better of joining the fray, and fled into the night.

Petronius interrogated on of the survivors, and once we had wrung all the information we could from them, I dragged them into a nearby alley and cut their throats.  I hadn’t killed since that night long ago with Diocletian.  The anger I felt tasted familiar.  It was intoxicating at first.  After it was done, when we were returning to our haven, my thoughts kept returning to those moments in the alley and I began to feel nauseous.  Its easy to order soldiers to kill in your name, for your cause.  Its another thing to feel the flesh part beneath your claws, and to see and feel the blood on your own hands.  Just thinking about it now, as I write these words, my hands begin to tremble.


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