The Inconnu

The Inconnu

While it's far from perfect, the governing assembly of Roman Kindred known as the Inconnu is the first functioning multi-clan undead organization in the history of the Western world. The Inconnu brings together a startling assembly of vampires in an atmosphere of order, peace and stability, allowing those within to benefit from its concerted efforts while offering those on the outside two simple choices: integrate or be destroyed. The Inconnu also enforces the cooperation of gathered Kindred, allowing them to more easily defend themselves against the terrifying Striges (also known as the Nemeses), the relentless, ancient enemies of the Roman undead. 

Idealized notions of the Inconnu still drive many vampires in modern nights. The Camarilla romanticizes the structure of law, the division of labor and the intense loyalty of the covenant's members, while the Anarch Movement styles itself the inheritor of the Inconnu's imagined democracy and inclusive policy. These visions are assembled from fragments of the true Inconnu, and are fueled by truth and legend. 

Regardless, many Kindred today still echo the statements of the vampires who walked during the reign of the Inconnu: that the governing structure of Rome's Necropolis represented the pinnacle of vampire achievement — a complicated, but fully operational system of government that left no vampire unrepresented, no vampire unfed and maintained internal peace thoughout a vast Empire for hundreds of years. 

The Traditions of the Inconnu - The laws of the Inconnu formed an intricate web of strictures and obligations only barely recalled by the oaths of the Camarilla in modern nights. However, there were, in those nights, three basic Traditions from which all of those laws originated. 

The First Tradition: Dominion

All of the territory of the civilized world is also the territory of the Inconnu. The Inconnu determines the divisions of domain. A vampire who denies tribute to the Inconnu forfeits claim to the Blood. 

The Second Tradition: Destruction

No vampire shall be put to Final Death without the express legal sentence of the Senex. All citizens of the Inconnu are entitled to defense of dispute in the Necropolis Forum 

The Third Tradition: Amaranth

All Kindred of the Inconnu are forbidden from devouring the heartsblood of another vampire. Cannibalism is a tool of the Nemeses. Those who violate this commandment risk empowering our great enemy. 


The Inconnu is a large and complicated structure, built to encompass every element of civilized vampire society. Officially speaking, the Inconnu is composed of four Wings — each devoted to a distinct function of government and representation. Every vampire of the Inconnu is ostensibly a member of at least one Wing, and many serve two or more. 

These four Wings are as follows: the legislative Wing of Ancients (known colloquially as the Senex), the militaristic Legio Mortuum or Legion of the Dead, the religious Wing of Prophets (known as the Cult of the Augurs) and the catch-all Wing of Strangers, known to its members as the Peregrine Collegia. 

There is, of late, some dispute as to whether a fifth Wing of the Inconnu should be recognized. Composed entirely of religious outsiders and mystic rejects, the so-called Lancea et Sanctum is essentially a self-governing body within the Inconnu, alternately outlawed and accepted (depending on the status of an ongoing debate within the Senex). 

The Senex

Legio Mortuum

The Cult of the Augurs

The Peregrine Collegia

Lancea Et Sanctum


The Inconnu

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